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Cообщество японской поп-группы SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People)

Приветствуется обмен эмоциями и информацией о группе и её участниках, а также обо всём, что так или иначе связано со SMAP!
Запрещается категорически: хамство и провакации в отношении участников сообщества и группы СМАП.


1.FAN! This community is meant to be a place where everyone can SQUEE over SMAP, just because we want to.
2.Feel free to post anything about SMAP
3.COMMENT on posts when you can. Especially when downloading any media or graphics: members spend a lot of time and effort uploading files or making graphics, and it's nice to let them know they're appreciated
If someone posts graphics, and they say "comment & credit" then COMMENT and CREDIT
4.Use CUT for graphics
5.LOCK entries with downloads
6.TAG your entry with the appropriate tags
7.Feel free to request, but be courteous about it
8.Respect your mod and all other members, and contact the mods if you have any questions before posting

1.No bashing!
2.No flaming!
3.NO spam!
4.No advertise other sites, communities or forums

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Social capital

  • less than 10